FlyZip XR

FlyZip XR 3.2

Double the Storage Capacity of Your PDA

FlyZip XR is a straightforward, fast and easy to use compressing and decompressing utility, operating right on your Palm. With FlyZip XR, you can double the amount of data, stored on your Palm, without modifying your hardware. FlyZip XR is small and elegant, yet a powerful application that uses only 79K on your Palm. Nowadays, it is probably the most inexpensive way, how to enhance the memory. FlyZip XR uses patent pending compression technology, which is optimized for handheld devices.

FlyZip XR now offers ARM-native processing power for application ultra fast compression/decompression on Palm OS 5 devices. Thanks to new compression libraries added to FlyZip XR, user can choose between operating modes optimized for compression speed or compressed application size. Using speed mode on Palm OS 5 device Tungsten T, the compression/decompression speed is close to 1Mbyte/sec for typical applications or even exceeds 1.7Mbyte/sec for selected applications.

FlyZip XR introduces even more advanced extension card support – now you can compress and move the compressed file directly on a card, and launch the application directly from extension card with one easy operation.

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